Wheels has partnered with UMass to bring students, faculty and staff a new way to get to and from (and around) campus. This program is customized for your campus, bringing you a safe, affordable, socially distanced way to get around.

Fully Electric

(No Pedaling)

15 MPH

Sound System

How it Works


Download the Wheels App

Locate the Nearest Device

Scan the QR code in the App

Reserve Your Device

Pay As You Go or Register for Semester Pass

Park it Responsibly in a Parking Hub

End Your Ride

Safety 101

Ride Safe

Use a helmet so that you can stay safe while you ride.

Kick Stand Up

Always use a helmet so that you can stay safe while you ride

Twist & go!

Slowly twist the throttle on the handle bars to accelerate forward.


Squeeze both brakes on the handlebars to safely slow down.

Play your music from the built-in speakers

Sync music with your Wheels, and listen to your favorite music through the speakers while you ride.

Do not use your phone while riding

Using your phone while riding is dangerous for pedestrians, drivers and yourself.

Ride in bike lanes

Don’t ride on sidewalks. It’s unsafe for you and pedestrians. Obey the traffic rules and ride in the street with bicyclists.

Park it

Don’t block the public pathways. Park your Wheels by bike racks when possible or near the curb.

Ending your ride

End your ride anytime by sliding the End Ride button within the app.

Pricing Options

Semester Pass

$ 100

per semester

Pay per Ride

$ 1

to unlock
+ 39 cents per minute

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I ride?

Currently, you can ride within the campus limits and to and from the JFK/UMass T Stop. We are looking to add additional parking locations in the near future. If you try to park the device outside of the service area you will be notified and will continue to be charged for the ride until you return the device to a parking location.

Where do I park?

You can view the parking locations below or in the Wheels mobile app. You are only allowed to park devices in identified areas.

How do I pay?

You will either prepay when signing up for the semester pass through this website, or pay per ride within the Wheels mobile app by adding a credit card to your account.

How do I add more credits to my account?

Within the Wheels mobile app, click on the menu to find your wallet. Once you are in your wallet, you can prepay for credits at a 20% discount.

Am I required to wear a helmet?

Yes please! Safety first!

How do I contact Wheels?

You can email us directly at umb@wheels.co, submit a ticket here or call us at 888-240-7120.

Where can I find Wheels?

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