Founded in West Hollywood, CA, Wheels is here to completely disrupt dockless mobility.

The Team

Wheels set out to offer comfortable, easy to pilot and safe micromobility devices – for rent, via app – in cities around the world. 

Wheels needed to be quantifiably better… 

Wheels set out to deliver on a new promise of quality…

And now, Wheels is the standard. 

From comfortable seats, to a safety helmet, and self-sanitizing handlebars & brake levers.

The frame. The wheels. The safety helmet. The brake levers. The self-sanitizing handlebars. The very technology that powers the experience. 

All of these and more only reinforce that Wheels was thoughtfully – purposefully – designed to provide every neighborhood with sustainable Transportation.

The functionality and the spirit of Wheels will be uniquely embedded in the DNA of how all of us live, work and play together each and every day. 

Wheels represents the energy, pulse, and heartbeat of how a city moves and thrives, hour to hour, day to day.

Wheels makes cities more livable, celebrating locals and tourists alike, by offering access to its fleet in a way that is truly for everyone.

The Plausibility of Being Everywhere.

Two wheels, infinite experiences.

Wheels is a direct connection to the heartbeat and pulse of your city from long journeys to last-mile public transit.

A striking form plus balance, accessibility, control and protection are what cements Wheels’ dockless micromobility devices as one of the safest micromobility companies in the world.

From your home, to your work, to your dinner plans… your day just got a boost.