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A safety-first micromobility company bringing the joy of the ride to cities everywhere.

A Safe, Enjoyable Way Around Your City

Wheels is one of the safest micromobility options. Our design is comfortable and secure for riders across a wide range of physical abilities.

“Wheels’ unique seated-style scooter is now available for rental in Seattle. These seated devices offer a more accessible option for people with specific needs, have larger wheels, and offer a stable riding position that’s geared towards our city.”

City of Seattle

Official study by a leader in vehicle safety testing & analysis

Official study to determine Wheels’ injury rate compared to others.

1 in every 74.577 miles ridden Wheels’ Injury Rate

4 times fewer injuries than bikes Bikes’ Injury Rate

Up to 66 times fewer injuries than scooters Scooters’ Injury Rate

The Distinction of Experience

More than just a ride.

Wheels is a full featured journey.

Swappable Battery

Integrated Smart Helmet

Digital Display

Fully Electric

14” Wheels

Low Center of Gravity

Dual Disc Brakes

Sound System

Automatic Lights

Padded Seat

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